Cheapest Days To Fly

The cheapest days to fly are, not surprisingly, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are a lot more tricks to getting cheap flights than merely booking on the cheapest days to fly. This website is dedicated to giving you the best information on how to scam, trick and scheme your way to the cheapest damn flights there are. For the full story, check out the guides in our review (below).

Cheapest Days To Fly

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly because they are the least travelled days of the week. It’s simple supply and demand really. Basic economics. No matter whether you’re flying on business or pleasure, most people look to book flights on, or around, the weekend or start of the week. The more in demand a flight is, the higher the tickets price will be. The airlines have historical data on these trends and price their fares accordingly.

Business Class

It’s common sense really that the busiest flights are late Friday night and early Monday morning for business travellers. During the week the most expensive business class flights will be before 9am and after 5pm. The business flights between 9am and 5pm will be significantly cheaper due to demand. Therefore, if you want to save money try to work your travel around these times.

Most big businesses don’t have this luxury and just end up paying for the expensive fares because they’re paying wages at the same time to the person travelling. If you want to travel business cheaply the cheapest days to fly are still mid-week. However, additional times to check out for business travel are late Saturday afternoon and evening and early Sunday morning. Some business passengers will travel on a Saturday or Sunday, but usually early on Saturday or late on Sunday evening. During the week it also worth checking the very early flights, I’m thinking before 7am, and also late evening, after 8pm. Most business class travellers won’t stretch their plans to travel in these times, so you could potentially get some good deals then.


For regular holiday travel the cheapest days to fly are also mid-week. However, the range is more broad. On weekdays it doesn’t make that much difference when you fly. As long you’re not trying to get a cheap flight on a Monday or Friday you should not see that much variance. What is more important is how far in advance you book the flights. The most inconvenient times are generally the least expensive. The same rules apply to the business class travel. Very early morning and late evening fares will be the best bets. Also during the middle of the day, mid-week you can expect
to see some good deals.

The cheapest days to fly are definitely not on or around the weekend. Most holiday makers try to fly after work on Friday and come back late Sunday. Even if you try to book months in advance at these times, the really low cost airline tickets won’t likely be available for these times. The airlines know these fares will sell regardless, so they won’t release many cheap deals for these times.

To make the most of this advice I’ve given you, your best bet is to book your holidays or annual leave for a period starting mid-week. Instead of doing what most people do and book their holidays from a Monday to Friday, book your leave from a Wednesday to Tuesday. The weekend doesn’t matter to you because everyday is the same anyway when you’re on holiday and your leave days will only count on the work days. This exercise is even easier if you have two weeks off and plan to only go away for one week, you can easily slot the trip right in the middle of your leave. If you like what you’ve read here, you’ve seen nothing yet! Check out my home page for more amazing insider secrets to cheaper air travel!