Flight Cancellations

Flight Cancellations Today

If you’re looking for information on flight cancellations then the two best sites to check are; The Federal Aviation Authority and Flightaware.com. Check the FAA site first because this is the official government site and is going to be the most up to date and reliable. When you go to the FAA site you’ll see a map indicating which airports are experiencing delays and cancellations. The status updates are shown as colored dots on the map. There are five grades. Green represents an OK status. Yellow signifies delays of up to 45 minutes. Orange is a bit different and indicates that there is a delay originating from the departure airport to this particular airport. Red signifies long delays longer than 45 minutes and a black status indicates that the airport is closed. If you want more information on a specific airport you can hover over it with your mouse or do a search using the navigation menus. You can get usually get information on the cause of the delay and also how long it is expected to last.  

International Flight Cancellations

The best place to get information on international flight cancellations is from flightaware.com. Flightaware is a commercial site. It has links to book flights and has a few advertisements here and there. You can do a free search for cancellations on any airline in any country. The site does encourage you to sign up offering you better results and more services. It’s not a bad idea to do this since it’s free, you can even use your Facebook account to log in which makes things easier too.

What To Do With Flight Cancellations U.S.

On any flight cancellations in the U.S. you are entitled to a full cash refund. Additionally, if the flight cancellation is a result of a breakdown or something else that the airline is responsible for then they also are responsible to pay for your accommodation until the problem is resolved. However, be aware that if the cancellation or delay is due to external conditions such as bad weather or acts of god, then you’re on your own and have to fend for yourself.

In terms of compensation, most airlines will try and offer you a voucher because it saves them money. You don’t have to accept it, but if you really need to get somewhere it is probably a good idea to try and work with the airline to get you where you want to go. If the airline gives you a hard time or is being less than reasonable make sure to tell them you will be taking the matter to the Federal Aviation Authority. If they still don’t comply, make sure you follow through.

Flight Cancellations In Europe

In Europe the rules are similar to the U.S. Except for the fact that if your flight is cancelled for any reason beyond the airline’s control they are not legally obliged to give you a refund. However, it is very rare for an airline to completely cancel a flight. The EU has legislation in place that gives travelers compensation anywhere from €250 – €600 for any delays or cancellations where they are at fault. There is also detailed legislation requiring the airline to provide you with free meals, drinks and communication any time your delay is longer than 2 hours. These laws are administered by the Civil Aviation Authority.