Upgrade To Business Class

An upgrade to business class is one of the great urban legends which most people might hear about but never actually experience for themselves. Well, this brief article is going to explain to you exactly how you can get an upgrade to business class. I’ll also go over some of the most common misconceptions regarding business class and first class upgrades and seats.

Basic Info

Let’s start with some basic tips and hints regarding upper class flight upgrades. Before I go any further I must say something regarding first class flights. If the flight you’re planning on taking is less than four hours long, it is never going to be worth the extra cost to upgrade to first class, no matter how cheap you can get it. On short haul flights the margins for an upgrade to first class are too steep, unless you’re absolutely loaded don’t even bother!

Upgrade Tips

To maximise your chances of getting an upgrade to business class be sure to fly during the holidays or at other times when business travelers are least likely to travel. There will be a higher availability of seats so your chances of getting a business class upgrade will be far greater.

One more thing to check before you try for an upgrade is to see whether or not the plane you are taking has decent business class seats. There is a big variation between the kinds of seats you’ll find with different airlines and also different planes. Before you expend any time and energy on getting an upgrade be sure to check out flatseats to make sure it’s going to be worth your while.

How To Get An Upgrade To Business Class

If you really want to upgrade to business class you can do this for considerably low cost if you subscribe to the airline’s email newsletter. Speciality newsletters, like the ones provided by FirstClassFlyer, offer even more insider information on what cheap business class upgrades are available and when you can access them. Here is a really obvious way for you to get an upgrade to business class; check with a veriety of travel agents. I wouldn’t normally advise using a travel agent as I tend to dislike most people involved in sales type jobs, but believe it or not some of these agencies negotiate very favourable terms with the airlines. Sometimes you can get very good deals on business class seats that you just won’t get online or by dealing directly with the airline. If you do happen to find an agent with this type of arrangement, keep their card handy as this is like gold.

The Best Way To Get Upgraded To Business Class

Here’s one of the best ways to get an upgrade to business class. Make sure to book your flight at one of the busier times either in the morning or on a Friday or Monday. Your objective is to book your flight at a time when it would be unlikely that people won’t turn up for their flight. This is because airlines typically overbook their flights because statistics show that a percentage of people will not turn up for every flight, and this is where you can take advantage. If a flight is overbooked the airlines will have to try and bribe some people to either take a different flight or compensate them in some way.

It is this precise situation in which people mostly get upgrades. If you find yourself in this situation don’t say yes to their first offer. Act as though your very annoyed, which you probably are anyway, and ask them that they’ll have to do better than what they are currently offering as it is a huge  inconvenience.

Firstly, ask for an upgrade to business class or first class. If that’s not possible tell them you need somewhere to stay, don’t tell them you live in the same city, and they’ll have to put you up in an all expenses paid hotel. For even better tips check out our home page.