When To Buy Airline Tickets

When to buy airline tickets is the question most discerning travelers want to know. This brief article will reveal exactly when to buy airline tickets. In addition I will provide you with even more scams, cheats and tricks to give you the ability to help you get insanely cheap flights to absolutely any destination in the world.


There is far more to accessing cheap flights than merely booking at the right time. If you know how to manipulate the online booking systems in your favor, you can truly open yourself up to some amazingly cheap airline tickets. When to buy airline tickets data can be obtained free online from farecast.com. This website contains extended historical data regarding airline ticket prices from most of the major airlines. This information can in turn be used to determine when is the best time to book flights to get the best deals. By looking at the previous statistics and graphical data you can reasonably accurately determine the prices of upcoming airfares.

Patterns To Watch

Each airline may have a different pattern for airfare prices, so by using farecast you can give yourself the best chance of predicting exactly when to buy airline tickets for the specific airline you happen to be targeting. The time spent doing this little bit of research could save you quite a bit of money, so is well worth the time and effort. This is especially true for airlines which you might use frequently because once you know more about how they release their prices the more prepared you will be for all of your future purchases.

The Secret Time

If you really want to know when to buy airline tickets the generic answer is usually 6pm on Tuesday. Be sure to check that you do this in the local time of the head office of whichever airline you happen to be buying flights from. For most of the major airlines this is when they update their systems with the new airline tickets for sale. Nowadays the airlines release their tickets very early (from 6 months to a year in advance or more), so to really take advantage of this tactic you’ll have to plan ahead. Bear in mind that most major airlines have multiple offices in most of the major cities which they fly to. Therefore you’ll have to determine whether the tickets issued come from the head office itself, or the local agent at your departure point. If in doubt, try both and see what the difference is. If there is no discernable difference regarding which are cheapest days to fly use farecast (as mentioned above).

When To Buy Is Not The Only Factor

When to buy airline tickets is by no means the only factor to consider when looking for a cheap flight. There are numerous scams, cheats and tricks to use which can give you far better deals. If you’re looking for insanely cheap flights, computer glitches and network location differences can change a four figure flight into a 3 figure flight quite easily. Check out my home page for my full airfares secrets!